Hammerhead on the HMS Moldavia in the English Channel

This past weekend we had a pleasure of joining our favourite Channel Diver in the English Channel to dive probably the most famous shipwreck on the South East Coast of the UK – the HMS Moldavia. A cracking dive in not too deep 50m of water offers plenty of opportunity to spend a decent amount of bottom time on the wreck without racking up too much deco allowing us to enjoy a massive 160m long shipwreck, often in good visibility given its distance far away from the shore. The Moldavia, despite being destroyed by a torpedo from UB-57 back on the 23th of May 1918 (95 years ago this Thursday!), the Channel currents and forces of time, still remains largely preserved on the seabed for divers to enjoy.

HMS Moldavia

Getting to Moldavia can be tricky in poor weather or less favourable tides, so the conditions must be perfect to enjoy this popular wreck. Luckily, we had such conditions last weekend and the 8 of us who went out on the boat had probably the best dive of this season and a rather enjoyable day out for everyone! Please see the pictures from the topside below as well as the video from this wreck dive!

Please get in touch if you dive a rebreather and would like to join us on the boat in the English Channel for some of the best wreck diving!

Update: We have now posted the video from the dive. Please see below or go to the Videos section.

More about the Moldavia:
RMS Moldavia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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