Hammerhead on the SS Aristos – July 2013

Almost two weeks ago we had an opportunity to join our regular dive boat the Channel Diver out of Brighton to dive slightly less known wreck on the South East side of the English Channel – the SS Aristos. The conditions during day and during the dive were superb with virtually no wind and the visibility in excess of 20m – at least towards the surface as the deeper we went, you could still loads of remaining plankton, but the visibility was still great nonetheless as you can see on the pictures and video footage below.

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SS Aristos was a Greek cargo vessel built in 1939 by William Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow as the Saint Bernard for the Saint Line. She was a huge ship and weighed in at 5,189 tons. In 1956 she was purchased by Soc. Commerciale Antoine Vloeberghs, Antwerp and renamed Jean Marine only to be renamed Aristos in 1962 after being purchased by G. Dracopoulos.

The SS Aristos was involved in a collision with the vessel Linde on the 28th August 1967 and sunk 16 miles off Beachy Head when on passage from Antwerp to Pirzus, south of Brighton. She rests in a max. depth of 60m with the top of the bridge at 42m. She sits upright and is incredibly intact with her two admiralty anchors still hanging in place. There is a large split in her side at the engine room area where the collision took place and it is possible to penetrate the wreck through this opening. You can swim along the companion ways, through the cabins and enter the bridge through large windows which allow easy access.

Please Contact us if you dive a rebreather and would like to join us on the boat in the English Channel for some of the best wreck diving or if you are insterested in training on the Hammerhead CCR!

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