Silent Thrill Gift Cards

We have just added a range of Gift Cards to our Online Shop. They are a great idea for any occasion – as a gift for a serious technical diver. Add it to your wish list and/or suggest it to your loved ones. The Gift Cards can be used in the Silent Thrill Online Shop or against any other purchases and bookings including courses and trips made with Silent Thrill.

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Red Sea Explorers UK

Silent Thrill is pleased to announce its latest venture. We will be providing CCR training, logistics and support for rebreather trips aboard the Red Sea Explorers liveaboards. Feel free to get in touch if you are looking to book either individual spaces, courses or complete charters!

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We are proud to announce that two of the leading figures in technical diving, photography and safety, Gareth Lock and Pawel Szopinski have come together to form Red Sea Explorers UK, the sole UK agent for Red Sea Explorers who are the leading provider of recreational and technical liveaboards in the Red Sea region.

Red Sea Explorers provides a first rate, technically-orientated, safety-minded dive experience on two quality liveaboards, MV Tala and MV Nouran. They are able to cater for single-tank recreational dives, twinset and multi-stage OC technical and CCR dives on all of their trips. Banked 32% nitrox, high pressure helium and O2, sorb, CCR and stage tanks as well as scooters are available on all trips. RSE is recommended as one of the best technical diving operations in the area.

If you are interested in learning more about their facilities, itineraries and prices, please visit their website at

Pawel Szopinski is a passionate and experienced rebreather diver who is also an active ANDI, TDI and PADI instructor. As a TDI Advanced Mixed Gas CCR Instructor and an ANDI Technical Trimix Rebreather Instructor, Pawel can teach rebreather classes on the Hammerhead CCR including Trimix in both English and Polish. He believes that diving can be easy and very enjoyable until it goes wrong. Untrained divers only see the easy part as they are not prepared for what can go wrong. Pawel aims to improve it.

Gareth Lock is a well published underwater photographer specialising in cold water wreck photography. He provides UW photography training both in the UK and the Red Sea using Red Sea Explorers as his liveaboard of choice.

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Hammerhead on the SS Aristos – July 2013

Almost two weeks ago we had an opportunity to join our regular dive boat the Channel Diver out of Brighton to dive slightly less known wreck on the South East side of the English Channel – the SS Aristos. The conditions during day and during the dive were superb with virtually no wind and the visibility in excess of 20m – at least towards the surface as the deeper we went, you could still loads of remaining plankton, but the visibility was still great nonetheless as you can see on the pictures and video footage below.

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SS Aristos was a Greek cargo vessel built in 1939 by William Hamilton & Co., Port Glasgow as the Saint Bernard for the Saint Line. She was a huge ship and weighed in at 5,189 tons. In 1956 she was purchased by Soc. Commerciale Antoine Vloeberghs, Antwerp and renamed Jean Marine only to be renamed Aristos in 1962 after being purchased by G. Dracopoulos.

The SS Aristos was involved in a collision with the vessel Linde on the 28th August 1967 and sunk 16 miles off Beachy Head when on passage from Antwerp to Pirzus, south of Brighton. She rests in a max. depth of 60m with the top of the bridge at 42m. She sits upright and is incredibly intact with her two admiralty anchors still hanging in place. There is a large split in her side at the engine room area where the collision took place and it is possible to penetrate the wreck through this opening. You can swim along the companion ways, through the cabins and enter the bridge through large windows which allow easy access.

Please Contact us if you dive a rebreather and would like to join us on the boat in the English Channel for some of the best wreck diving or if you are insterested in training on the Hammerhead CCR!

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New Packaging for the Hammerhead HH22 Oxygen Sensor

We would like to announce that as a part of the ongoing effort to improve our products and services, we have decided to introduce new complementary packaging for the Hammerhead HH22 Oxygen Sensor. Once the current stock is exhausted, each new sensor will be individually boxed up at absolutely no cost to you to protect the integrity of such an important and vital component of your rebreather – the oxygen sensor – from the risks associated with the shipment and transit of the sensors.

Please be aware that the sensor packaging might affect the shipping charges in or to certain destinations, so you or your dealer may still choose to ship the sensors without it using alternative packing method.

Now that’s our commitment to you and our products!

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Silent Thrill TechLight Drysuit is Now Available!

A year ago, we conducted a survey among the drysuit users to help us better understand the current market and needs of technical divers. We have listened to your feedback and today we are proud to announce that our own new drysuit is now available to order in the Silent Thrill’s online shop.

Silent Thrill TechLight is a no-frills drysuit designed with a technical diver in mind, but the suit should also appeal to just about anyone interested in a lightweight made-to-measure drysuit at a competitive price point with the retail price of £800.00 inc. VAT (£666.67 ex.VAT).

The idea behind the TechLight is to make an inexpensive and the lightest possible suit without compromising on the quality or durability, to make it travel friendly or as an ideal backup suit for your current primary suit.

Each suit is also made-to-measure as we do not believe in the one-size-fits-all approach and are strong believers that the comfort of your suit is the up-most important factor in a success of your dive. An ill-fitted suit can not only limit the range of your movement, but poses a real risk to your life by affecting your response time in an emergency. Your comfort level is directly linked to your level of stress and anxiety experienced during a dive, so with this in mind we have aimed to provide you a well-fitting suit with a cut that will eliminate problems with gas shutdowns on a twinset or CCR, handling of the stages or kitting up – thanks to the telescopic torso and the unique positioning of the front zip, which also helps to maintain the self-donning capability of the suit for the broadest possible range of body shapes and sizes.

The suit is manufactured in the UK and made-to-order, so once your order is received, we will contact you for your measurements and provide you with an estimated delivery time. The current delivery time is approx. 6 weeks.

Made-to-measure suit using N100 tri-laminate fabric
N100 knee reinforcing
Latex neck seal
Latex wrist seals
Polyester socks
Rock boots
8bdm metal front zipper with plastic zipper cover
Telescopic body with crotch strap
XL braces
Two 3″ x 8″ x 10″ velcro closing pockets
Apeks low profile auto dump
Apeks swivel inflation and hose
FREE changing mat bag

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Introducing New Team Member

Silent Thrill Limited has been growing steadily its inception and as a result we are pleased to announce that we have a new team member joining us. Please welcome our new Sales Assistant – Marcelina, who will be primarily responsible for processing orders, stock keeping and the first line of contact for customer service enquiries, so do not hesitate to contact her if you have any questions, bookings or issues to discuss in relation to your orders or products and services that we offer.

Please use our Contact page to drop us a line or call us today to discuss your needs and requirements.

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Silnet Thrill on Facebook

We are pleased to announce that Silent Thrill is now officially on Facebook. Please follow us for the future updates and news if you are interested what Silent Thrill is up to and do not forget to like our Facebook page!

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Hammerhead on the HMS Moldavia in the English Channel

This past weekend we had a pleasure of joining our favourite Channel Diver in the English Channel to dive probably the most famous shipwreck on the South East Coast of the UK – the HMS Moldavia. A cracking dive in not too deep 50m of water offers plenty of opportunity to spend a decent amount of bottom time on the wreck without racking up too much deco allowing us to enjoy a massive 160m long shipwreck, often in good visibility given its distance far away from the shore. The Moldavia, despite being destroyed by a torpedo from UB-57 back on the 23th of May 1918 (95 years ago this Thursday!), the Channel currents and forces of time, still remains largely preserved on the seabed for divers to enjoy.

HMS Moldavia

Getting to Moldavia can be tricky in poor weather or less favourable tides, so the conditions must be perfect to enjoy this popular wreck. Luckily, we had such conditions last weekend and the 8 of us who went out on the boat had probably the best dive of this season and a rather enjoyable day out for everyone! Please see the pictures from the topside below as well as the video from this wreck dive!

Please get in touch if you dive a rebreather and would like to join us on the boat in the English Channel for some of the best wreck diving!

Update: We have now posted the video from the dive. Please see below or go to the Videos section.

More about the Moldavia:
RMS Moldavia – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Juergensen Marine HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor

Juergensen Marine, Inc. and Silent Thrill Limited would like to introduce to you the HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor. As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the Hammerhead-user experience as well as to ensure continuous and reliable supply of the consumables, we are now offering the new HH22 sensor.

Silent Thrill is proud to announce that we have been chosen as the exclusive partner responsible for the marketing and distribution of the HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor worldwide. In addition, we are pleased to appoint Dive Addicts as our exclusive North American dealer for the USA, Canada, and Mexico.

The Juergensen Marine HH22 Hammerhead Oxygen Sensor completely meets the requirements of the Hammerhead CCR and electronics including the Rev C and Rev D versions, and any of the previous models compatible with the R22D-type sensor specification. The sensor features the standard M16 x 1 mm thread, 3-pin Molex connector with output in air at the surface between 9-13 mV, and a response time of less than 5 seconds. Full specification is available here.

Now available in the recently redesigned online store for Silent Thrill Limited and for those located in the North American region, Dive Addicts online store. The sensors come with a standard 12-month warranty. For general questions and sales inquiries, please Contact us directly.

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Dive Addicts
Juergensen Marine, Inc.

Hammerhead Mixed Gas Course in Red Sea

I have just come back from another fantastic week of diving in the Red Sea and this time I had a pleasure of completing the TDI Hammerhead Mixed Gas course for Adam Podlaha from London – a passionate biologist who is fascinated about rebreathers, sea life and diving in the Galapagos Islands in particular, so feel free to reach out to him if you have any questions about the destination.

Adam was a great student who showed the right attitude towards safety and planning procedures involved in mixed gas diving. The course was a much needed change from the cold water diving and dull weather over the last few months. Please join me in congratulating Adam for successfully completing the course and joining the ranks of the CCR mixed gas divers.

Do not forget to Contact us if you are interested in trying the Hammerhead CCR or training on it in the Red Sea!

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