SMS Dresden – November 2015

Last November we had an opportunity to join the the Megalodon week aboard the MV Huskyan for a week of classic wreck diving in Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands. Here is the first video from the wreck of the SMS Dresden. This was our last dive of the week, and was rather dark and murky with poor conditions topside and at the bottom affecting the visibility. Nevertheless, it is a great wreck with plenty of opportunities to penetrate and explore!

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The 5,531 ton Dresden II class light cruiser Dresden was built in Kiel by Howaldtswerke in 1917. Built to the same general specifications as the Cöln she boasted eight 5.9″ guns set in single turretts, two 3.4″ rapid firing guns, four deck mounted torpedo tubes and was capable of carrying 200 mines. Powered by two coal/oil fired turbines her twin propellers could push her to speeds on 29 knots she was indeed a fearsome adversary.

This magnificent fighting machine required a complement of 559 officers and men. She was able to quickly penetrate enemy sea areas, lay her deadly cargo of mines and then use her speed to outrun anyone who detected her or alternatively use her powerful arsenal to fight her way out. In the Seas Fleet she could use her speed and powerful arsenal to scout ahead of the battleships and battle cruisers and afford some protection to them.

The wreck of the Dresden now lies in 35 metres of water on her portside. Other than some salvaging around her engine areas she remains in relatively good condition after more than 80 years on the seabed at Scapa Flow. (Source: Dive Scapa Flow)

Please Contact us if you dive a rebreather and would like to join us on one of our trips for some of the best wreck diving or if you are insterested in training on the rebreathers!

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