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Silent Thrill Limited is an International Facility (#I-570) of ANDI International (ANDI). ANDI has been chosen for their quality educational materials which are one of the best in the scuba industry and second to none for rebreather students, but also due to high training standards and gas safety procedures.

In order to better differentiate the programs and their scope of training ANDI attaches a “Level of Training”, 1 through 5 for every program involving diving skills. Non-diving oriented courses have no training level. All courses with the same matching level designation follow the same general scope of training and are geared for the same experience level of the participant. Please see the diagram below for the advanced technical programs. For current training standards please see ANDI’s Training Standards Overview.

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We specialise in rebreather technologies and offer quality training programs for those new to rebreathers including Level 2 classes and demo days where you can try it for yourself. We also run classes for more experienced divers including crossovers from other CCR units or Level 3 Technical Trimix classes for those who wish to progress into deeper mixed-gas diving and want to take advantage of helium based mixes.

Our proud and joy is training offered on Hammerhead CCR rebreather from Juergensen Marine.

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Training schedule

There are no classes currently scheduled. Please Contact us for more information.